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Here at ServicePRO-Online we have been helping the┬áBin Hire Industry for the last 20 years! Owner Kevork Temisgian started Temisoft in 1993. It didn’t take long for Kevork and his growing team to recognise that the Skip Bin Hire Industry was struggling with what was available with it either being to expensive or not what the industry wanted. Temisoft Promised to change that!

With Such competition in the Skip Bin Hire Industry, we realised that they only way for Skip Bin hire Companies to make money was with one integrated system for their Skip Bin hire Business. The Temisoft team saw a way in which it could assist by developing and supporting a state of the art computer scheduling software for the Service Industry, so in 1994, the team created ServicePRO .

Since then, Temisoft has continued to get better over the last 20 plus years, updateing and keep up with the needs of its users with an increasing range of software solutions.

 Today, there are more than 500+ sites using Temisoft products in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, Singapore and Malaysia. Temisoft users confirm that ServicePRO-Online is the state of the art scheduling software in the Skip Bin hire Industry.

ServicePRO Software Australia is a product that is developed by Temisoft in Sydney, Australia and is also the Registered Trademark holder in Australia.